Kalt, Ph.D. - 2018 Annual Letter to the Membership

2018 Annual Letter to the Membership 

December 18, 2018

Dear Colleague,

Seasons Greetings!  Yes it is this time of year again and for me, it always feels like it comes up so very fast!  In the hustle and bustle of this time of year and getting everything done, it makes sense to pause and think back to why we wanted to do this kind of work in the first place!  In this fast paced, CE collecting, non-stop ride we're on, we could use a reminder.

Understood as problems in living, - as opposed to evidences of pathology, therapy is situated and unfolds in and through the individual's unique life story, experiences, and decisions. When an individual chooses to consult with us we can offer them a strictly confidential space where their dignity and privacy will be deeply respected.  

Guided by the membership's input, we have been focusing our efforts on connecting with the academic, professional, and lay communities through our website.  In order to move forward with our outreach program to the public, it will be especially important for us to hear from you!  We have a "message to the public" ready to be uploaded on our website.  This will be placed right on the first page -- it will be the first thing people will see when they come to our website.  The last two paragraphs read:

Members of the Academy offer a different way of understanding and working with people in therapy.  Also, many are available to speak with community groups -- such as the local PTA or veterans' groups, on topics of interest.  Or, consult on issues pertaining to staff development and milieu therapy at the local hospital, residential treatment facility, or day treatment program.
For those looking for an experienced therapist or consultant, feel free to call any member in the Academy's membership directory.  Fees are discussed, considered, and arrived at by mutual agreement, usually during the first meeting.  The dignity of individuals and their privacy are deeply respected: consultations and psychotherapy take place in strict confidentiality.

As these last two paragraphs in our "Message to the Public" indicate, they clearly invite people to click on our membership directory if they may have an interest in consulting with someone for therapy, finding someone to give a talk somewhere, possibly supervise, etc.  Therefore, it makes sense for us to add much more detail to our membership directory.  What information would you like to provide for the directory?  What would you like to see included so that you can promote what you have to offer?  Along with the 2019 dues statement, I am also enclosing another sheet of paper with questions you can answer about what additional information you would like to include about yourself for the website directory.

We are grateful for your continued support over these many years -- some of you from different states.  No matter where you are located, your ideas and efforts will be much appreciated as we move forward.  Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions.

Warm regards,

Bethann Kalt, Ph.D., President