Kalt, Ph.D. - 2015 Annual Letter to the Membership

2015 Annual Letter to the Membership 

Dear Academy members and friends, 

Happy 20th Anniversary to us!!  As many of us talked about in our member's meeting last June, we have been focusing on revamping our website and carefully thinking about our mission statement and our name. Please read on for news regarding Board changes, imminent launching of our new website, collaborative conference on Confidentiality Matters, and the potential revision of our name - we invite your feedback!!  

We want to extend our gratitude to Dr. David St. John for his years serving as Recording Secretary.  He has recently resigned his position.

We welcome Dr. Susan Greenshields to the board -- she is our new interim Recording Secretary.  

Please consider becoming more active in the Academy -- we are in need of a membership chair and a program chair at this time.

We have been planning to participate in a collaborative effort to develop a conference on Confidentiality for this Fall.  Any member who may be interested in helping to organize and/or present a paper or serve as a discussant for this conference, please email Dr. Kalt. 

Our work on redeveloping the Academy's website is nearing completion and will be ready to publish live as soon as we can incorporate a final decision regarding the question of changing the Academy's name. At this time, the Board is inviting member feedback on the following carefully thought out options for our organization's name, including the option for no change. 

Please read the names below and email your feedback to the group. Consider selecting "REPLY ALL" so that all members can benefit from each other's comments.  Please send your comments no later than March 15, 2015.

  • Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts
  • Academy for the Psychoanalytic Arts
  • Academy for the Study of Human Narratives
  • Academy for the Psychoanalytic Study of Human Narratives

Continue submitting your papers and articles for review and once the name change is in place- the website will go live and we will be posting.

The Academy Board