Kalt, Ph.D. - 2011 Annual Letter to the Membership

2011 Annual Letter to the Membership 

February 3, 2011

Dear Colleagues, 

I hope this has been a wonderful year for you thus far!   On behalf of the Board of the Academy, I am pleased to report that the Academy is on stable financial ground and, as always, we very much appreciate your continued support.  

The time has come to renew your membership, and new for this year, the Academy is offering a dues "holiday."  New members will receive a free one-year membership.  Therefore, we are offering existing members the option to accept a one-year extension of their current membership for the 2011 year at no charge.  However, please take the time to fill out the entire membership form and mail it in by March 3, 2011 as this is the information that will appear in our directory.
The Academy's ongoing commitment and central focus continues to be the legitimization and preservation of a space for the practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis outside the medical model. Our major goal for this year is to increase communications with like-minded individuals and groups in North America and around the world.  Further developing our web presence is central to these efforts.

In 2011, the Academy Board will continue to update and expand our website with the participation of the membership.  Please visit our websites, www.academyanalyticarts.org and www.academyprojects.org.  Feel free to read the new papers, sign the guestbook, and leave comments and suggestions.  We are always looking for new articles to post on the website, so if you read something that you think would be of interest to other members, please let us know by sending it to email@academyanalyticarts.org.  We encourage you to participate in a discussion of Dr. Christopher Bollas' paper entitled "On the Loss of Confidence in Psychoanalysis" currently featured on the Round Table page of the Academy's Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues section.  The link for the Round Table is www.academyprojects.org/roundtable.htm.  You can contribute to the discussion by emailing your opinion to email@academyanalyticarts.org.  

The Academy welcomes and encourages member input and participation.  There is always room for someone to become more active in any number of ways in our organization. Please contact me at bethann933@aol.com if you are interested.

Respectfully Yours,

Bethann Kalt, Ph.D., President
Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts